The SRA Bottom Line:  References to GREENWASHING Appear to be on the Rise, but Various Considerations other than Greenwashing may be Contributing to the Recent Uptick.

References to greenwashing appear to be on the rise, as illustrated by data along the lines captured by FactSet in a recent posting.  While the number of original or first-time mentions may be overstated, the fact remains that concerns about greenwashing have been climbing, perhaps more so in Europe than in the US.  As regards to investment products, such as sustainable mutual funds, ETFs, and other investment vehicles with a focus on the US, key reasons for the increase in greenwashing mentions are most likely due to factors ranging from the dramatic growth in sustainable investing, absence of widely accepted definitions of terms, including a universally accepted definition of greenwashing, an uptick in SEC enforcement actions in the US, growth in responsible investing policies and regulations around the world as well as methodological factors associated with the collection of greenwashing data.  

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