The CFAP Sustainable Investing Thought Leadership Group provides a forum to advance the dialogue regarding the role of sustainable investing in today’s capital markets and beyond.  In particular, the group directs its attention to furthering an understanding and clarifying the risks and opportunities linked to environmental, social and governance issues.  

On September 30th, Dr. Ruth Shaber, Founder and President of the Tara Health Foundation discussed why mission aligned Foundations have such a difficult time getting appropriate and thoughtful investment advice.  We also talked about her recent naming to the Forbes Impact 50 List.

Dr. Ruth Shaber

Dr. Ruth Shaber created the Tara Health Foundation in 2014 after more than two decades working on the frontlines of women’s health care.  The Foundation’s grantmaking and investments are viewed through a lens on closing disparities in the areas of domestic reproductive and maternal health, equitable workplaces and gender lens impact investing.

We discussed how endowments, which typically comprise 95 percent of a foundation’s total assets, are often overlooked as a vehicle for change.  Dr. Shaber expressed her belief that foundations can, and should, broaden their definition of philanthropic capital beyond grantmaking.  Ruth talked about her Foundation taking on the ambitious goal of aligning 100 percent of their assets (financial and human capital) with their mission.  She believes that there will be a sector-wide shift in philanthropy to do the same.

Our next meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, October 28thAndrew Behar, CEO of As You Sow, will discuss the gap that exists between money management professionals and the foundations that are looking for investments that have a social impact and advance their organization’s mission.

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