On January 27th, The CFAP Sustainable Investing Thought Leadership Group hosted an event where Michael Young, Director of Education at The US SIF Foundation, addressed the growing need of investment professionals in the United States to gain expertise in the field of sustainable and impact investment. 

Michael discussed the basics of sustainable and impact investing, and methods to incorporate it into investment portfolios and client conversations.  Michael referenced his 16 years of working with mutual funds, separately managed accounts, closed-end funds, and exchange-traded funds to speak to our group about the integration of ESG data into security analysis, the latest sustainable investing trends and research, and methods to communicate your expertise in sustainable and impact investment.

Michael then discussed the significance of the recently released 2020 US SIF Trends Report and the growth of the sustainable investment asset base in the U.S.  He spoke about US SIF’s efforts to reduce the double counting of assets and commented on the reproted 69% of the professional managed U.S. assets, in the Trends Report, that are classificed as undisclosed.

Michael did a great job educating our group and has been invited back for a followup meeting.

Our next meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, February 24thBob Deans, the director for Strategic Engagement at Natural Resource Defense Fund (NRDC), will share his view on priorities of environmental policies under the Biden Administration as well as economic and investment implications. 

The CFAP Sustainable Investing Thought Leadership Group provides a forum to advance the dialogue regarding the role of sustainable investing in today’s capital markets and beyond.  In particular, the group directs its attention to furthering an understanding and clarifying the risks and opportunities linked to environmental, social and governance issues.  

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